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Copeople Group, as a comprehensive management consulting company, is focused on the four most key management scenarios and core concept, hiring, training, freeing and connecting people. Based on that, we can lead enterprises move forward to excellence through helping enterprises to achieve business insight with full view and coping with complicated business challenges flexibly.
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To Hire

Based on the supports from team of experts, we inject human capital to enterprises and provide related consulting services. We will spare no efforts to help our clients obtain continuously stable and competitive edge and establish an excellent human resources team focused on core business.

To Educate

Rely on many years’ experience and abundant resources, we provide high-quality, trendy and innovative course and cultivate innovative and inter-disciplinary talents to drive the sustainable development of enterprises.

To Free

Based on more integrated and landing IT solution, we free the innovative impetus of enterprises. At the same time, we provide excellent solutions and create digitalized work environment by intelligent IT.

To Connect

Based on fiscal and financial resources and diversified media, we provide full range of integrated and professional marketing communication services. We devote ourselves to become the bridge between fiscal and financial employees and fiscal, financial and related institutions.

Copeople's Profesional Companies

6 great members, spare no efforts to provide one-stop diversified solution and consulting services.

Keguang Info

Technologies Broaden Business Horizons

Copeople PR

Panpramic Strategic Partner in B2B New Marketing Ecosystem


Talent Creates Business

Kepin HR

WINs through Human Capital

CXO Wisdom

To Make Bundless Sharing


Facts about Copeople

15 Years+

B2B Field


300+ Partner


3,000+ Clients


100,000+ Users
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We help CXOs can focus on their core missions.

Overcome business uncertainties, Help make wise decisions, Lead your company Forward
Deeply analyze business, Manage risks, Optimize operating efficiency, Drive business decisions
Have deep insight into and manage talents, Optimize talents strategy, Flexibly manage organizations
Have a keen insight into products, markets and channels, Create effective interaction with potential customers
Eliminate Information Islets,Provide flexible, scalable and secure IT landing solutions

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Copeople group are establishing diversified and innovative talent team with stronger and comprehensive competitiveness. Join us and become one of us.